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Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta

Rotaract Club Of Central Calcutta is an organization by and for the youth of the city. It functions as a club under the authorization and according to the guidelines provided by the Rotary International Organization.

The club undertakes and organizes various events and projects around the year, the proceeds of which are mostly used for the purpose of developmental work for the at-risk people of the city.  There are various Avenues of Service in the sphere of Rotaracting, such as Community Service, Professional Development, International Service, Public Relations and Club Service. Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta aims to and has already succeeded in doing quality projects in all of these fields, engaging the youth in an activity that is both meaningful and enjoyable. 

Some of the noteworthy projects undertaken and successfully completed include  Operation Sunshine (An emergency op. providing relief supplies to the flood affected areas of Bengal),  Jonaki (Installation of lights in the playground for the inmates of the Paediatric ward of Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital),  Dialectic (A workshop to hone the public speaking skills of young professionals and students),  Rotaract Food Truck (An ongoing initiative to provide food to impoverished citizens of Kolkata),  Soul-Sutra (A celebration of poetry and art including Kolkata's first ever Prose-Slam and witnessing an overwhelming response from all over the city and beyond),  Fanville (Rotaract's first very own Fandom Meet) and many more, including the Club's Flagship event - Ground Zero, the annual celebration of the spoken word which has garnered growing enthusiasm over the years.

Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta, being the largest Community-based Rotaract Club in South Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar islands, has tried to build a brand image and name for itself and its Partners and is known for the quality of work that it brings to the table. It has had the privilege of long-standing Associations with Media Houses (Print, Radio, Online Magazines, Blogs and Pages) like 91.9 Friends FM, Ebela, iYouthMag and Sarakbati.Prestigious event tie-ups include being invited onboard as the Youth Partner of CIMA Art Awards' Chitrabani Chapter in 2016.RCCC is an organic body of vibrant young people from all over Bengal that functions in accordance with its motto -Dream, Believe, Achieve.


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