Bonding Beyond Borders

We from Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta have initiated an international friendship and fellowship program - 'Bonding Beyond Borders' through which we are trying to spread the message of Peace, Harmony & Friendship on an International level as a Unified Organization.

Given the present global scenario, the need for International Peace & Harmony is now felt to be in need more than ever before.

We launched the project on International Friendship Day, through a virtual cultural exchange program with our neighbouring countries.

'DIVERSELY UNITED' is the 2nd Chapter of the Bonding Beyond Borders Project. We will be making a small video of all the participating clubs from around the world with a common collective message, in each of our own respective mother tongues.

This is an attempt to brighten the corner where we are, transcending man-made borders of difference to ascend to a diversely unified tomorrow. #TeamCentralCalcutta #rccentralcalcutta #RID3291 #zone5 #internationalservices #fellowship #culture #language #peace #harmony #Diversity #global #rotaractindia #rotaractinternational #OpportunitiesToAscend

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