Bonding Beyond Borders : Diversely United

Presenting to you the Partnering Clubs of Bonding Beyond Borders : Diversely United as initiated by Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta.

We will be premiering the final video of a common message of peace, dismantling notions of borders and differences, for, some of the responsibility of being the change we want to see definitely does fall on us.

Therefore, we could not have celebrated the International Day dedicated to the Youth in a better manner than this.

Join us through the live stream on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, 7pm (IST) onwards, as Rotaractors around the world unfurl the magic of oneness in their mother tongue.

To be precise: 1)Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta, RID 3291. 2)Rotaract Club of Piarco U.W.I RID 7030. 3)Rotaract Club of Ayub Medical College RCAMC , RID 3272. 4)Club Rotaract San Cristóbal, RID 4060. 5)Rotaract Club of Kathmandu University, RID 3292. 6)Rotaract Club of Kingston, RID 7020. 7)Rotaract Bangalore Basaveshwarnagar, RID 3190. 8)Canberra Rotaract club, RID 9710. 9)Rotaract Club of Central Iloilo City, RID 3850. 10)Rotaract Alexandria Rakouda, RID 2451. 11)Rotaract club of AOCOED, RID 9110. 12)Rotaract Club of Batatais, RID 4540. 13)Rotaract Club of Singer Shri Lanka, RID 3220. 14)Rotaract Club of Peace City Hatton, RID 3220. 15)Rotaract Valencia, RID 4389. 16)Rotaract Club Of Chittagong, RID 3282. 17)Rotaract club of Gravatias, RID 4670. 18)Rotaract club of Birgunj Metropolis, RID 3292. 19)Rotaract Club of PGDAV Eve., RID 3012. 20)Rotaract Club of Kinshasa Malebo, RID 9150. 21)Rotaract Club of Maseru, RID 9370. 22)Rotaract Club of Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi RID 9211. 23)Rotaract Club of Victoria de Escandón, RID 4130.

Rotaract, RI District 3291 - Kolkata, South Bengal & Andamans

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