New Governing Body for 2020-21

We take immense pleasure in announcing the Governing Body of the next Rota Year, RY-2020-2021 commencing from July 2020. We hereby present to you the Governing Body of RC Central Calcutta for the Rota-Year 2020-2021: President: Rtr. Shreya Saha Vice-President: Rtr. Sayantani Biswas Secretary Admin: Rtr. Shahriar Hossain Secretary Events: Rtr. Astha Pramanik

Treasurer: Rtr. Amartya Basu Jt. Treasurer: Rtr. Ankush Bhunia Club Trainer: PP. Rtr. Rajarshi Adhikary Club Advisor: IPP. Rtr. Urvashi Mukherjee Wish you all an amazing, fun-filled and memorable year ahead Rise and Shine Team RCCC 🔥🔥

Congratulations to each and everyone who are forming the Governing Body next year. This is a matter of pride and great responsibility. I am sure that with the support of all of us in Team RC Central Calcutta - together - can cross all hurdles and all ups and downs and have another great, successful, and memorable year ahead. 🌻🌟🌻 We are all in this together. Lets_keep_cherishing_a_melange_of_connections

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