Srinkholbihin Bijoya

Durga Puja is the time that brings together Bengalis and others belonging from different walks of life all together. It is the most anticipated event in the entire year and very rightly so since it is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil. The Goddess, our Maa brings happiness, prosperity and abundance into everyone's lives as all her children celebrate her arrival in unison. Even as she leaves, with the promise to return the next year, she unites everyone on Bijaya Dashami wherein everyone rejoices while applying vermilion or sindoor on each other. The very red colour of the vermilion serves as a reminder that no matter who we are, what our occupation is, what our financial status is, what our standing in life is, irrespective of every single thing, the colour of the blood flowing in our veins is red and that we are all humans first and foremost. The term "Bijoya" translates as "victory" and "Srinkholbihin" translates as "without shackles". Thus, Shrinkholbihin Bijoya is all about giving the rightful respect and honour to every single person, to celebrate the victory of Maa Durga over Mahishashur, the embodiment of all things evil, by indulging themselves in Sindoor Khela.

Keeping that in mind, Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta in association with Association of Transgenders/Hijra of Bengal (ATHB) is organizing "Shrinkholbihin Bijoya : an act of Inclusion" for the third successful year at ATHB (Near Commune) on Doshomi (26th October 2020), 10.30 am onwards.

However, owing to the current pandemic situation and keeping the social distancing norms and measures in mind, Rotaract Club Of Central Calcutta urges everyone to join us in Shrinkholbihin Bijoya, where we hope that each and every person is able to derive strength from Maa Durga and is able to rid themselves of whatever negativity within them and pave the way to stand strong in the face of all hurdles.

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