Srinkholbihin Bijoya

On this special occasion of Bijoya Dashami we from Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta celebrated Shrinkhol Bihin Bijoya: An Act of Inclusion with the members of ATHB. This is the third successful year, of celebrating this bond and Srinkhol Bihin Bijoya with them.

Today, owing to the current pandemic situation and keeping the social distancing norms, we visited ATHB and celebrated Bijoya, hoping that each of us derives strength from Maa Durga and is able to rid themselves of whatever negativity within them and pave the way to stand strong in the face of all hurdles and walk together towards a better world free from this pandemic situation.

We wish you all Subho Bijoya

Stay happy stay healthy while hoping to win over this final battle of world wide pandemic together.

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