Teacher's Day & World Literacy Week

On the occasion of Teacher's day this year, Rotary Club of Central Calcutta and Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta tried to enjoy and celebrate the day and plan something greater for the future of Nibaran Roy Primary school at Tarakeshwar, and how! The school is run by Rotary Community Corps Tarakeshwar which happens to be one of our R.C.C's and because of this reason we and our Parent Rotary members took the initiative to plant some fruit bearing saplings within the school premises, gift some essential commodities for the school's operation and promised to set up a vocational Centre for young adults of the school and also their parents gradually, in the course of time. The teachers there are truly one of a kind and are passionately devoted to the cause of helping these children strive and grow into better versions of themselves. How could we not salute their efforts and further work for the upliftment of the area with a long term vision to protect and nurture the area's employment process. So this International Literacy Week we have pledged to gift them a better future. As someone said it rightly, there's miles to go before we sleep and this project has been taken up for slow, steady and sustainable development of the concerned community and these budding young minds.

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